Self-selling apartments on defense land
The Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee has asked Bach Viet Production - Trading - Service Company Limited (Bach Viet Company) to work with the Military Region 5 Command to agree on the adjustment in accordance with the first certificate. Private (hotel investment certificate) hotel project ...
If over time, Bach Viet Company has not implemented or the Military Region 5 command does not agree, the provincial People's Committee will withdraw the ICC adjustment.

Prior to that, the Military Region 5 Command recommended Khanh Hoa People's Committee in the area of ​​defense 2 Phan Boi Chau. Because Bach Viet Company made a proposal to adjust the project investment target and sell the apartment without notifying, without the consent of the command of Military Zone 5 and the Military Command of the province. "Bach Viet Company has violated the contract signed with the Command of Military Region 5, leading to the complaint, affecting the prestige of the command of Military Region 5" - the document of the Command of Military Zone 5. .

According to Mr. Dinh Tien Su, General Director of Bach Viet Company, the sale of apartments, investment cooperation at the Bavico hotel is only the right to exploit the apartment for a period of time, has been allowed by the provincial People's Committee and in accordance with Current trend. "However, Bach Viet admitted that there was a lack of notice of adjustments to the Military Region 5 Command. In addition, the use of the contract of sale of apartments is inappropriate, will adjust. Again, "he said.

However, the provincial Military Command did not agree and continued to petition the provincial People's Committee to recover the first investment certificate issued to Bach Viet Company. The agency also suggested the province to direct the authorities to thoroughly overcome the violations of Bach Viet Company.

In addition, the Military Region 5 Command also sent an official letter to the Khanh Hoa People's Committee that DPI advised the PPC to issue an Investment Certificate to amend the project in contravention of the Law on Investment.
However, Mr. Tran Minh Hai, Deputy Director of Planning and Investment, said that the timing of issuing the adjusted Investment Certificate of the project (April -2015) is the old regulations, while the Investment Law 2014 takes effect from the 1st -7-2015. Therefore, the opinion of the Military Region 5 Command was not correct. Also, in the revised Investment Certificate, there is no sale of tourist apartments.

Bach Viet Company has applied for a policy to adjust the investment objective of the Bavico Hotel project without agreement, without the consent of the Command of the Military Region 5 and the Military Command of the province is not correct. Bach Viet Company also sells apartments which are not suitable with investment objectives under the adjusted investment license, "Hai added.

In November 2013, the command of Military Region 5 for Bach Viet Company leases more than 2,750 m2 by 2060. In March 2014, the People's Committee of Khanh Hoa Province issued an IC Certificate for Bach Viet Company to carry out the canteen project. And commercial complex - restaurants, hotels - offices.

From February 2015, the Bavico Hotel with more than 300 rooms started operating. April -2015, the provincial People's Committee issued the Investment Certificate to adjust the project into a hotel accommodation, business travel or long-term lease. Regarding the transfer of 126 hotel rooms into 90 apartments, the province requested Bach Viet Company to work out the architecture plan for the construction of the project and submit it to the Provincial People's Committee. Currently, Bach Viet Company has sold all apartments.
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